Al Shaab Village has a vibrant range of activities for our visitors from an outdoor amusement park to Sharjah’s largest Ice Skating Rink, from Billiards to 7-D Cinema screen and we are organizing weekly cultural shows and events to provide quality entertainment to our visitors.

The Largest Ice Skating rink provides an immense experience for the young generation and its running all year. A large number of rides are available in the outdoor amusement park and a kids activity area.
On the 1st Floor of Al Shaab Village, Al Shaab Billiards offers a wide range of entertainment facility from Snooker to Billiards to PC Games. Dedicated SONY Play Station gaming consoles and a Table Tennis facility is also available.

Apart from these a state of the art, Oscar Cinema is entertaining our visitors with Arabic, Hollywood and Bollywood movies. A VIP Screen, Pearl Suite, is available to provide you a rich movie experience along with a 7-D Screen. We are continuously organizing different shows and events to keep engage our visitors and to provide them the quality entertainment along with the shopping experience under one roof.