About Us

Al Shaab Village is a shopping mall in Sharjah, which has an exhibition hall consists of 250+ Stores, an ice-skating rink, outdoor amusement park, a food court, a supermarket, indoor gaming, billiard center and a Cinema. We are providing a complete entertainment and shopping experience for the residents of Sharjah and for the tourists visiting UAE from GCC and the rest of the world.


Al Shaab Village represents the traditional and heritage look of Arabic Culture with modern facilities on board to serve the visitors with more comfort and ease. The advanced infrastructure is fully equipped with all the basic and modern facilities. Al Shaab Village is spanning across two floors. The property is owned and managed by Al Zajil Fairs Management.


Effortless Shopping experience, from designer collections to street-style cafe’s, Al Shaab Village caters to the multicultural interest of visitors from shopping to dining choice with authentic culinary experience.

Shopping in Sharjah is now very easy with the inclusion of Al Shaab Village in the Shopping malls of Sharjah.


Al Shaab Village is working with different government and travel agencies to promote Tourism in Sharjah and UAE in different regions of the world.


We are working with Sharjah Tourism and we have participated in different exhibitions and road shows to promote Al Shaab Village as a destination and place for families to hangout when they are visiting Sharjah and UAE.


Message from the CEO:
“My aim is to provide quality shopping and entertainment facility to the people of Sharjah and the visitors across the Globe. We are here to provide a safe, healthy and interactive environment for our visitors. We have state of the art and modern facilities here at Al Shaab Village and we are participating with the Government of Sharjah and National Council of Antiques to promote Tourism in the emirate of Sharjah and UAE”.