Outdoor Food Court

The Cart which is the only restaurant that offers fried chicken to Al Shaab Village customers. It is a modernized truck restaurant recently opened in Al Shaab Village. It presents fried chicken as well as different kinds of tasty chicken sandwiches to the clients.


My Churros serves sweets, sandwiches, tea and coffee along with other refreshments. It is well known for the nice hydrogen mixed with drinks and chips. All in the green beetle. You should try it!


Firas Sweets where the best Kunafa is made. Firas sweets is one of the most famous sweets outlets in UAE and now there is a branch in Al Shaab Village. Along with kunafa other sweets are also served. Pay them a visit!


Thai fruits for those who like to try uncommon fruits in the GCC and middle east. In addition to fruits you may get fresh juice.


Traditional Emirati snacks like Rigag and Luqaimat are available in the outdoor food court. Lots of people visit AL Shaab Village just to have a snack from the traditional food kiosk.


The Tikka truck used to be a container restaurant but now shifted to a newly modernized truck. It serves the tasty tikka as well as tikka sandwiches.


Next to the tikka truck customers can find Cafeteria Abjar truck which is specialized in Indian and Pakistani Food. The traditional paratha along with different stuffing such as cheese, chicken, potato and other stuff.


Visitors can also enjoy The Egyptian bakery. Al Monafiya Bakery offers different meals from the Egyptian kitchen like pies, Kushary and other meals.


Lastly, in the outdoor food court, customers can find different small food kiosks for snacks like corn, juice, popcorn and different snacks.